3 Reasons for restaurants to start investing in Google Ads management

The loss of small local businesses due to Covid19 threatens to change the very landscape of our cities. The mom and pop restaurants, the hipster coffee shops, the bakeries worth the lineup, the fresh fruit and veggie shops on the corner. Restaurants can outlast the pandemic, but only if they adapt to the changes required. They need to go digital.

 #1. Google Ads management is a great return on your investment.

Business recommendations from Mckinsey and Company article promoted the idea of “accelerating the adoption of digital solutions.” In other words, they need to start implementing the necessary changes required to adapt to this new Covid19 economy.

And the new reality for restaurants? They are now very dependent on the income they make from delivery and takeout orders. A business once dependent on foot traffic, is now dependent on web traffic, and the fastest way to catch web traffic? Google Ads.

Investing in a website design company that can manage your Google Ads may just be the best and most cost effective advertising option for restaurants in the new Covid19 economy.

And there is no doubt that Google Ads has worked for many, many other businesses. According to Google and Hubspot;

-Google receives 3.5 billion search queries per day

-Advertisers can make $8 for every $1 investment they spend on Google Ads

-Displayed Google Ads will lead to 180 million impressions every month

Proper Google Ads management has a proven track record, no one can deny that Google Ads management works.

#2. Google Ads management is an affordable alternative to third party food delivery apps.

What most customers don’t know — but most restaurant owners know all too well — is that third party food delivery phone apps like Uber Eats and Doordash, are not financially sustainable long term. Restaurants struggling to pay delivery app fees and desperately looking for alternative options.

Instead of watching earnings go to a food delivery app, why not spend a fraction of that money and get some expert advice on Google Ads management from 6ix Developers?

If a restaurant decides to take charge of their own delivery, then a Google Ad is the first thing customers are going to see. If a restaurant decides to focus on pick up only, why not hire a 6ix Developers website specialist to set up an online order form for orders and pickups?

With professionals managing Google Ads, hungry, local customers will be able to find the restaurant they are looking for right away.

 #3. Google Ads management can help grow your business.

As some people search for alternatives to big box department stores and grocery stores, it has actually created opportunities for smaller, local businesses to fill that void. And although no one can completely predict the future, some are theorizing that the pandemic is possibly creating a permanent shift in consumer habits that will remain even after government regulations change over time.

Despite all the Covid19 safety restrictions, local businesses still have an opportunity to grow their customer base in their own community, with a new website design, or professional SEO management, or professional Google Ads management.

Restaurants must become much more digital, they are now dependent on their websites, apps, online forms and Google Ads. And with more people online than on the sidewalks, Google Ads are the word of mouth of the internet, the billboards of internet highways and the best way to get noticed. If customers can’t find their website, they will find the Google Ads instead.

Restaurant owners need to adapt to the new Covid19 economy. 6ix Developers can help, ask us how.