Growing online business trends in 2021

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted that planes and hotels would sit empty while jigsaw puzzles and arts supplies would become a hot commodity. The change in our day to day lifestyles has created an increased demand for indoor activities that keep the whole family entertained.

These changes in consumer habits have created a higher demand for certain products and have created new online business opportunities. Although things may look dire for artists these days, there are a few hidden opportunities for those with the hands-on arts and craft skills to start their own online business.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are experiencing a surge in popularity during COVID-19, with sales up by 70% as people of all ages are continuously looking for ways to stay busy and to stay sane, while staying indoors.

Adults have also been turning to arts and crafts, not just as a means to pass the time, but also to calm their anxieties. Studies have shown that arts and crafts can be good for your mental health and relieve anxiety. With the spread of COVID-1 over the past year, and the appearance of new variants and vaccinations delays, it only makes sense that we are looking for activities that are calming and reduce anxiety.

Stitch and Story, an online crafts business that sells materials and tutorials for people who want to learn to knit and crochet, saw an 800% increase in March during the onset of the pandemic.

Hobbycraft, a european online craft store, reported a 200% increase in sales since the start of the pandemic, and even sewing machines have been selling out online.

Craft ClassBento, a craft box delivery service that includes a live-streaming artisan workshop to help their customers to feel connected, is another successful online business that grew exponentially during the pandemic.

These kinds of creative online businesses provide artists with a source of income and provide customers with the supplies and guidance to learn new hobbies. Many of these new online businesses have limited shipping to their city, state or province, creating open markets for other entrepreneurial artists to fill the void in their own city, state or province.


Not everyone considers arts and crafts to be relaxing, others prefer different activities to keep themselves busy. Board games and puzzles have also been selling out online, some companies seeing their sales soar by a much as 300% at the start of the pandemic. In the United States, toy sales grew by 26%, but more specifically board games and puzzles went up by 228%.

Jigsaw puzzles offer a form of escape, and they also serve as a nice alternative to screens. They can be the perfect pass time either alone, as a couple or together as a family. 

With stores selling puzzles faster than they can stock them, there are new opportunities for illustrators, screen print artists and photographers to turn their photos and art into jigsaw puzzles that can be sold to friends and family.

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