Why you should hire a certified Google Ads specialist

A Google Ads campaign is targeted advertising, it helps users who are searching for your product/service using a Google keywords search.  Google Ads is one of the leading ways to drive traffic to your website,­­­ and ultimately increase your sales.

Google is the most popular search engine and considered a reliable and trusting platform, which makes Google Ads an unparalleled platform for online advertising. In this day and age, it has become an essential tool for success.

Why should I Google Ads for my business?

This pay-per-click advertising can be specifically tailored to your unique business, and your unique business goals.

Do you want to get more visits, get more phone calls or increase store visits? Or what if you want to get a new business off the ground, grow your existing business or transition your business from a storefront to entirely online?

After Covid19 hit last March, in person window shopping has slowed to a crawl and Canadian online sales have doubled. And even without a pandemic, most people will search for a product or service before they make the purchase.

Why use a Google Ads specialist?

Many digital media experts recommend partnering with a Google Ads specialist.

Business owners may be tempted to think that managing their own Google Ads will save them money.

But when you start thinking long term, you realize how short sighted that reasoning can be. How much is your time worth? And isn’t your time better spent doing what you do best and focused on your craft? You’ve already got a full-time business, you don’t need another job. 

Understanding the perfect algorithm that will maximize your Google Ads to your investment is no small feat, and you don’t want to be taking time away from your business by trying — and more often that not, failing — to navigate Google Ads all on your own.

Certified Google Ads specialist will be dedicated to the long-term. They research and build strategies that will grow your business. They know how to analyze monthly conversion rates, monitor progress over time, testing and perfecting your search keywords and making revisions to your Google Ads campaign as needed.

Certified Google Ads specialists will be able to target your customers, directing high quality leads to your website. It means directing people who are looking for your specific product or service, and are the most likely to purchase your product or service from your website.

Low quality Google Ads might capture a wide audience who leave your website as soon as they arrive, because they were ultimately looking for something else. An online shopper looking to buy groceries doesn’t want to end up on your website if you sell pet food.

Certified Google Ads specialists can build you a strategy that will maximize your money, increase your return on investment and target your audience. Certified Google Ads specialist will build you a campaign that is GEO optimized to narrow in on potential customers in the specific locations. For example, if you are a catering company working in Toronto, and you only cover the GTA, then you want to find customers who are searching for a caterer within those boundaries.

Specialists also know how the speed optimization of the website design can affect the efficacy of Google Ads. Slow landing page loading speed can negatively affect the optimization of your Google Ads, which is why your Google Ads campaign is interconnected with your website design. 

Website design company 6ix Developers has a team of certified Google Ads specialists and offers free website consultation for those who are looking to start up and grow their business.