Website design and innovation in a time of change and uncertainty

With the looming possibility of a second surge of Covid19 cases, all businesses must be prepared and planning for a possible second lockdown in the fall. And if they hope to survive another lockdown, they had better continue to implementing the necessary changes required to adapt to uncertainty and change.

Business recommendations from Mckinsey and Company promotes the idea of “accelerating the adoption of digital solutions.” In other words, they suggest using these coronavirus based economic challenges as a motivation to innovate, and some entrepreneurs have even started new businesses and quickly set up new websites in the pandemic.

The Government of Canada has even created a new grant program for agriculture and food businesses. The goal of the grant program is to foster innovation, support local agriculture and help stabilize Canadian food systems by helping them go digital.

And if a new, or re-designed website is what your business needs to go digital, then the website design professionals at 6ix Developers can help you get there. Here are some questions, and some answers, that can get you thinking about the next steps.

  • What changes in my website design do I need to implement to comply with Covid19 regulations? And what’s more, what additional changes can I make to help make my customers feel safer?

Some coffee shops, like Equator Coffee Roasters, have set up mobile payment systems for contactless payments, so customers can purchase without having to go home and clean their bank cards and the coffee shop doesn’t have to clean the debit machine. These mobile payment systems are a simple addition to their original website design.

  • What are some creative ways to repurpose my website design to regenerate alternative revenue during lockdown?

Culinary Adventures Co. in Toronto, a food touring company, is using their website design to promote Food Tours in Box. Since they were no longer allowed to tour around the streets of Toronto with large groups of people, they decided to deliver the best foods of Toronto directly to the people.

  • Where should I be cutting expenses, and where should I be re-directing my investments?

Popular bookstore and coffee shop Black Squirrel Books and Espresso, devised a clever way to make some money during the lockdown by selling ground coffee bags and Surprise Boxes on their website, a discount box full of second hand books that could be ordered for pickup. They announced their innovative ideas via their website design and their social media outlets, so their followers knew right away how they could support them.

Businesses already established in the social media game had an advantage during the lockdown; they had a direct line to their customers, they could communicate in much more effective ways than just having a phone number listed somewhere on their website design.

  • What kind of website design do I need to promote my business?

As mentioned above, the government funded grant program for food and agriculture businesses to help them cope with the economic challenges of Covid19. Farmers, businesses and organizations need to modernize the way they reach their customers, they need to bring their business online with a website or an app.

The grant funds can be used to 1) Bring Your Business Online or 2) Developed Online Business Opportunities. Now is the time to invest in digital innovation and hire professionals to build a website design, or hire professionals to help you transition to an online e-commerce.

Being innovative and going digital have become essential. But knowing you need a website design is just the first step, understanding your specific website design needs is hard without the help of specialists. To learn more about your options for website design, get your free consultation with 6ix Developers today.