Successful website designs that are thriving during COVID-19

Some businesses came to a crashing halt, others saw their sales skyrocket. The key difference being whether their website design or app was already designed for online, contact free service. Even when it comes to small, local businesses, the ones that saw their sales continue during lockdown were the ones who were already well set up to allow their customers to make online purchases.

One of the most obvious examples of course, is Slack and Zoom, two programs that have become essential for many office workers who are now working remotely. Zoom hosts approximately 300 million meeting participants a day, and Slack claims to have added 9,000 new paid customers.

A few other obvious examples are social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or any other way people can continue to feel connected while they have to stay apart. More obvious examples are delivery service websites, like Amazon. With more and more people staying home instead of going to stores, it only makes sense. And of course, food and meal delivery companies like Doordash and Fresh City Farms.

Some less obvious and perhaps more interesting examples come from the education sector. Weird Enough Productions is a company that creates empowering and diverse stories that can be used as a teaching aid in schools. As many teachers are trying to continue teaching online, and looking for virtual resources, this company has been offering some of their materials for free to help them out.

Other educational websites that have been doing great during the pandemic are online tutoring websites. Online tutoring is a clear, safe alternative to in-person, one on one coaching, and it also provides an alternative income for teachers, educators, and academics looking for work during the pandemic.

Website designs for online therapy have been experiencing record high hits and engagement. The added stressors caused by the spread of the pandemic have caused a noticeable increase in therapy, and specifically therapy that can be accessed from the safety of quarantine.

The businesses that started to recover are the ones that learned to pivot their businesses, or modified their website and social media in a timely manner. For example, D’Amelio, the owner of the Silver Spring beauty company Skincando, decided to really start promoting one of her products, a balm for itchy, dry skin. With everyone washing their hands so many times a day, and using rubbing alcohol, she guessed correctly that many people would be looking for a remedy for dry hands. She credits her new social media marketing strategy for helping grow online sales by 30%.

Natalie McAdams, an entrepreneur who ran and organized large scale events realized she had to redirect her business, and fast, so now she offers high priced, small scale relaxation retreats instead.

An Australian furniture company decided to upgrade their website design to allow for potential customers to book an appointment with a staff member, who would provide a virtual tour of the showroom floor, and provide them with one-on-one video consultation so customers can get all their questions answered. Not only was this a successful strategy, it allowed the company to keep their showroom employees hired during lockdown.

Whatever your business and wherever the COVID-19 restrictions in your city, it’s never too late to get into the game, to build a website or add to one you already have.

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