A New Website Design for a New Economy

The Covid19 lockdown had an impact on all Canadians as our day to day schedules drastically changed to comply with new government regulations.

Some found themselves with no free time, struggling to balance working full-time from home while trying to keep their school-aged children from bursting in on their Zoom call. Others found themselves with too much free time, temporarily unemployed, bored and looking for a “Covid19 hobby” or personal project to occupy them until they can return to work. Whether it is our personal or work life, everyone continues to be forced to cope with a new normal.

Businesses were also forced to find a new normal. Those dependent on walk-in customers, like pubs and restaurants, now find themselves critical financial situations. However, other companies actually found themselves in a completely opposite situation; Covid19 is the reason they are thriving.

The reason? Their business model and their website design were already set-up and for an online e-commerce, before the pandemic hit. They had professionally designed websites that were easily searchable and could handle the increase in traffic.

Local food co-ops saw their subscription numbers and clients double (1), for them, business has been booming. (2) The business owner says the key was that their website was designed for customers to order and pay online, and their website was up to date with all the information about pick up and delivery. All it took was a few minor changes for them to make sure the pick up was outside the store, contactless and safe for employees and customers alike. 

There has never been a more urgent time to invest in a professionally designed and managed website, which is why business owners should be asking themselves the following important questions: 

-Does my current website design look professional, or outdated and out of style? Does the website design align with and promote my brand image?

-Are my products and services clearly and efficiently communicated on my website? Could I benefit from professional advice on how a new website design could increase sales? (3)

-Is the information on my website getting the right message across to my target audience while also reaching new customers?

-Does my website design make it hard to navigate and find specific information? Do my customers complain about my website design, and claim they couldn’t find the information they were looking for?

-Do my customers and clients say they had a hard time finding my website when they were using a Google search engine? How could a website design company help me increase my online visibility and reach a wider audience? (4)

-Is my website design created for easy use and a safe, streamlined online ordering system that leaves no room for errors? Do my customers feel secure using my website to input with their personal credit card information?

-Am I properly promoting media channels through my website and am I using these to maximize my social media marketing to direct customers to my website, generate leads and increase sales?

If reaching your customers online has become essential to survive in this new, coronavirus economy, then a professional website design is one of the most important elements of this success. 

Companies that increased their sales when the pandemic hit owe their good fortune to the fact that they were already set up to run their business through their professionally designed website. In other words, the time to invest in a website design company was yesterday, but the second best time is now. (5)

Want to redesign your website but not sure where to start? Get a free consultation from website designers at 6ix Developers today. (6)